German Shepherd Commands

German Shepherd Commands

German shepherds are great companions to have because they are extremely obedient and social. They are always up for a game or two.

If trained properly, they will follow all of your commands without having to have a treat every time. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful commands for your German shepherd to learn.


This is one of the most useful commands if you have a rather rowdy German shepherd and trust me, they get pretty rowdy especially when they are out in the open.

Make sure that you train them by saying a particular word to get their attention and stare at them so they know that you want them to keep their attention on you. This is a fairly easy command for them to master since it only involves a few training sessions before they catch on to it.

“Here” and “Come”

To get your German shepherd to follow you, associate either of these words with a hand motion pointing towards you or the space close to you. Once they realize that the word and the hand gesture are the symbols of you wanting them to come, then they will catch on to it pretty quickly.

It is useful to have treats on the ground near you at first so they are rewarded every time that they do approach you.

“Sit” and “Stay”

If you want your German shepherd to stay where they are without needing them to be on a leash or tied to a tree or fence, then this is a useful command to practice them.

One way to make them associate the word with the act of sitting is by guiding them the first few times. Gently place your hand near their rear and push them down softly whenever you say “sit.”

This is not necessary for “stay,” however. To train them to do these actions, we suggest practicing “sit,” “stay,” “here,” and “come” all at the same time.

“Good dog” and “No”

These two are not necessarily commands in a sense, but they are more of an acknowledgement to the German shepherd. If you associate a particular act that the dog did to the words “good dog” and give them a treat every time, then they will know that they did the right thing and you rewarded them for it.

Saying a stern “no” and giving them the cold shoulder every time they do something bad will most likely catch on with them and they will no longer repeat it the next time they encounter the same situation.


A great way to keep your German shepherd healthy and energetic is by making sure they are fed well. Associate the word “eat” by pointing to their food bowl or giving them a treat every time you say it.

They will think that the word means feeding themselves and they will gladly do so every time after you train them.


A playful command is always good for a German shepherd since they can always use that rowdiness elsewhere. Before you throw them a ball, say the word and give them a treat once they bring back the ball to you.


Let your German shepherd know that you want them to stay in a particular place and make sure that it is safe by patrolling around it. Associate the word “guard” with them moving around the vicinity of a particular object such as the door or gate and give them a treat for every few minutes that they stay there.

Lengthen the amount of time in between treats so they do not get impatient and become trained to be more attentive while guarding.

There are a lot of commands that you can teach your German shepherd. The ones we listed above are only some of the most common commands dog owners teach their dogs.

We suggest that you start off with them since they are pretty basic and your German shepherd will most likely catch on to them pretty quickly.

If you want to learn more commands and tricks to teach your dog, then grab a copy of the German Shepherd Handbook now. It contains a lot of commands and guidelines on how you can train your dog to respond to non-associative and specific commands.

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